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New Trend: Minimalism!

In today's world, the situation of "fitting more in less space" is very popular. The large crocodile printed leather card holder that we designed for you in this direction aims to meet this request. Thanks to its compartment, it will provide a regular use and collect all your mess so that even if your bag or pocket is small, you will be able to carry your card holder easily without having to allocate a special area.

Which Style Do You Want?

With this black leather card, we designed for you to have a comfortable and organized experience, we thought not only your comfort but also your style. You can choose what you want from the options we offer you with different printing types. With large crocodile print, snake skin look, road pattern and zigzag pattern options, make your card holder whatever you want!

We Designed for Both Men and Women!

We have designed the luxurious experience you will experience with a large crocodile printed leather card in a way that is suitable for the use and taste of both women and men. Thus, this card holder will be a great option when buying gifts for your loved ones. It is now much more stylish to pay with its black color, classic style!

Large Crocodile Printed Leather Card Holder / Men - Women Black Road Printing

SKU: C-C5191.01BT_YB
  • Don't you find a little too much space on your wallet anymore? With its large crocodile prints, stylish design and different style options, this card holder, which will conquer your hearts at once, is a candidate to be your new savior! This card holder, in which you can safely store dozens of your cards; It is very convenient not only for credit / debit and other business cards, but also for storing your cash. The fact that it is made of real leather also emphasizes its durability and appeal.

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